All new employees accrue holiday from their first day of employment.  You will receive 26 days holiday, plus public bank holidays, rising to a maximum of 30 days as your service increases.  Our holiday year runs from 1st January to 31st December.  10 days of your holiday entitlement will be taken during our annual summer shutdown period and a further 7 days will be taken for the Christmas shutdown.  The remaining holiday days can be booked off with the agreement of your line manager.

Some key departments, such as engineering and maintenance, may work some or all of the shutdown period.

Melanie   14th September 2016  

Employees working in the office departments work a standard 39 hour week on day shift only.  We start work at 7:55am Monday - Friday.  On a Monday - Thursday we finish at 4:40pm, and on Friday it's an early finish at 2:25pm.  You will get a 30 minute unpaid lunch break every day.

Any extra hours can be claimed as either overtime or Time Off In Lieu - find more information about overtime and TOIL here.

Melanie   14th September 2016  

We do not operate a flexi-time working arrangement.  However, you will have the option of Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) where extra hours worked can be banked to be used at a future date with the agreement of your line manager.

You also have the option of claiming the extra hours as paid overtime.

Please note that this is not available at Senior level and above.


Melanie   14th September 2016  

We have a free employee car park here at the Sunderland plant.  When you arrive for your interview, you will need to report to our main security gatehouse.  They will then direct you to the car park and lift the barrier for you to enter.

Melanie   14th September 2016  

All of our offices are open plan, with teams grouped together on a bank of desks.  You will be sat with colleagues doing the same type of role as you, so there is always someone to ask if you need any help.

There are kitchen facilities in every office area, so you can get yourself a tea or coffee easily.  There are fridges in the kitchen areas to be able to bring in your own lunch, or we have a main canteen where you can buy a hot lunch or sandwich.

Melanie   14th September 2016  

Placements – we encourage everyone to apply for our schemes, if you are an international student you must have the right to live and work in the UK during your placement year on a full time basis.

Graduates – Nissan is a diverse organisation and we encourage everyone to apply for our graduate schemes. If you are successful in the application process we would make a conditional job offer subject to clarifying your visa status. We manage sponsorship on a case by case basis.

Melanie   31st October 2016