We don’t build cars, we enable cars to be built.  Combining technical know-how with hands-on expertise, our engineers define the processes and facilities needed to achieve production objectives.

Nissan engineers support all areas of the manufacturing operation, ensuring seamless production of over 500,000 cars every year. Engineering is a key function offering a full spectrum of hands-on roles; combining practical engineering with project coordination and cross-functional teamwork.

Truly embedded into the production process, engineers enjoy a mixture of desk based work such as CAD & specification writing, alongside real-world activities such as line trails and equipment buy offs. We continually question methods, seek areas to improve and identify creative alternatives.

Engineering Graduate Programme

We value our engineers very much; they provide support to our manufacturing team, ensuring the seamless production of 500,000 cars per year through the precise designation of processes and facilities and continual operational improvement. As one of our Engineering Graduates you will learn how to combine technical know-how with hands-on expertise, with a full range of career opportunities such as Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering.

  • Your first few weeks will be spent on the production line to gain a strong understanding of our business.
  • You will then spend a short time in various departments to give you an overview of cross-functional working
  • Finally, you will be assigned to your own team of engineers in order to develop specialist knowledge in a particular area.

Exceptional training and development is provided every step of the way (including support to study for Chartered Engineer status). In return we look for initiative, confidence and a proactive approach.


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1 Year Engineering Placement

Combining technical know-how with hands-on expertise, our engineers define the processes and facilities needed to achieve the production of some 500,000 cars a year. As an Engineering Placement Student, you will be involved in a full range of activities, from minor repairs and improvements to major projects and new product launches.

Whichever role you are placed in, you will be combining hands-on engineering with project co-ordination and teamwork, working cross-functionally with a range of departments.

Support is always on hand when you need it. With the guidance of skilled and experienced engineers, and your own natural ability, you’ll soon find yourself meeting challenges head on and thriving in our demanding engineering environment.

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10 week Engineering Placement

Our 10-week Summer Placement Programme gives students who do not have the option for a year in industry the chance to get some real, hands-on experience.

It will be a summer like no other. You will gain experience in a fast-moving manufacturing environment, putting your studies into practice and developing skills by working alongside our team of talented Engineers.

  • With up to 10 weeks’ working during our busiest time, you are guaranteed to be involved in some of our biggest and most exciting projects
  • You will make contacts that could prove invaluable for your future studies and career
  • You can identify real-life projects for your final year dissertation

Make your summer truly count with an Engineering Placement programme that helps you to stand out from the crowd.


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1 Year Health & Safety Placement

Nissan has a reputation for being an excellent employer; from creating a safe, modern working environment, to delivering high quality vehicles using a lean production process.  We ensure that all our people are given the resources and the encouragement to fulfil their potential. The Health & Safety department provide advice and support on general issues, carry out risk assessments, accident/incident investigations and regular shop floor audits. We also provide specialist support on machinery safety, fire, workplace transport and lifting operations. Nissan believe that Health and Safety is equally as important as Quality, Cost and Time, and as such are committed to risk reduction with a goal of zero injuries.  The Company recognises its responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation and takes all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees, contractors, site visitors, the general public and any other person who may be affected by its activities. This placement is extremely diverse and a great opportunity for anyone to get involved in real life projects with maximum impact.


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