It can be daunting applying for graduate programmes.   We want to provide as much help and advice as we can to make the process as straightforward as possible.

There are certain characteristics that we look for in applicants for our graduate programmes at Maple Cross, that you can view below.  Throughout the full application process; from when we review your CV and covering letter to observing you at our assessment days, please be aware that we are seeking these traits from you. They are prominent in our corporate culture and guide our professional behaviour, so it may be worth familiarising yourself with them now.

If you are reading this page and think you would be the perfect fit for us, then what are you waiting for?  Apply for the Nissan Maple Cross graduate programme today!

Last of all, good luck throughout your application process and we can’t wait to hear from you.

What We're Looking For
  • Ambition

    To excel on one of our graduate programmes, or in any role at Nissan Maple Cross, you must have a strong drive to succeed. We invest in you to help you achieve your dreams, therefore we would like you to show us that you are focused and driven enough to reach them.

  • Communication

    At Maple Cross you will constantly be dealing with different people at all levels; from colleagues to the Nissan dealerships. Therefore, strong communication skills and confidence are crucial for both our Graduate and Placement programmes.

  • Inquisitive

    People who have the ability to question systems and an appetite for change are welcome in our company culture here at Maple Cross. If you have the ability to think creatively, adapt to change and suggest alternatives, then you will thrive in our working environment.

  • Analytical / A Planner

    If you can co-ordinate plans and remain flexible and quick-thinking enough to adapt to an ever-changing environment, then you have the skills that we need. We need people who can get things done efficiently but while maintaining high quality and productivity.

  • Team Player

    Here at Maple Cross we are one big team. You will need to be respectful and supportive of your peers and have an understanding nature. The ability to energise yourself and others is a skill we long for in all of our graduates, placement students and in our entire workforce.

CV & Application
Your CV

We have high volumes of candidates applying for our roles, and your CV is what can make you stand out from the pack.  When reviewing CVs, it helps our recruitment team if they are able to quickly identify your key elements and how they are relevant to the role.  A short and to-the-point CV can help in achieving this.

Here are some hints and tips on what to include in your CV to us.

  1. Make your CV stand out by highlighting the key attributes.
  2. Try keep your CV to no more than 2 pages.
  3. Back up your statements with specific examples.
  4. ALWAYS include your name and contact details.
  5. Show us your core skills in a short summary.
  6. Include previous employment history, including dates, position, employer and your key tasks.
  7. Include any qualifications, including where you have studied and when you qualified e.g. BSc (Hons).
  8. Include industry specific qualifications if you have any e.g. Member of CIMA (2012).
  9. Include any specific industry recognised skills you may have e.g. proficient in Visual C+.

We hope this gives you a better insight into what we look for in our office staff. We look forward to hearing from you and good luck!