Sales, Marketing and Distribution are integral parts of the Nissan business model and life in these departments on the Nissan Maple Cross Graduate Scheme is both dynamic and rewarding.

From the start of your time here you will be given real responsibilities and the ability to influence key decision-making processes. Over the course of two years, we will provide you with the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to succeed in a cutting-edge, global business environment like ours. Our aim? To provide a fast-paced and challenging programme, so that we can identify and train the leaders of our future.

Joining a Graduate Scheme at Nissan Maple Cross on one of our emerging talent programmes gives you access to world-class development opportunities and a fast paced, performance-driven, international career.  All of our Graduate programmes at Maple Cross come with a great salary and benefits package.

How We Support You

Our commitment to comprehensive ongoing training and development is second to none. Everyone within Nissan has come to expect the best opportunities at every stage of their career. We don’t let them down.

Over a two-year period, the Nissan Maple Cross Graduate Scheme will provide you with a diverse overview of the business by placing you in three different departments, each for eight months at a time.

Throughout your time a personal mentor will be on-hand to support and help you to complete a Career Development Plan. This document will help you to determine your career goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

You will complete the scheme with a robust knowledge of Nissan’s core business operations and functions and, with the support of our HR team, you will be guided into the area of business that plays to your strengths.

Your Graduate Scheme also comes with a great package of benefits to ensure that you are rewarded for your commitment to your time with us