We place customer and quality at the heart of everything we do; representing the customer and assuring all products and processes achieve the aim of ‘zero defects’.

A high-profile function that enjoys involvement in every area of the business you will have a key role to play in Quality Engineering; from suppliers and raw materials to the finished vehicle and post-sales customer satisfaction. Whether you are on the shop floor, visiting suppliers or out assessing post-sale quality, you will need a good level of technical engineering ability. We operate as both a customer; explaining requirements, and supplier; delivering solutions across the business.

Quality Engineering Graduate Programme

Quality is the foundation for everything we do at Nissan Sunderland. Every area of our business is shaped to achieve the highest standards of quality possible and our Quality Assurance department sets the standards to which the rest of us work.

You will play a key role in the whole production cycle, from suppliers and raw materials, to the finished vehicle and post-sales customer satisfaction. Your tasks as a Graduate QA Engineer will include; establishing benchmarks, devising systems and implementing test methods to ensure quality is built into every stage of the production cycle. You will also be responsible for teaching other employees how to recognise areas where quality could be improved.

You will use your technical/engineering ability and interpersonal skills to liaise with suppliers and departments across the business: and your aptitude for switching between explaining your requirements as customer to delivering solutions as a supplier will be utilised daily.



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