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YES (Youth Evolution Scheme)

  • Get quality off-the-job training in simulated working environments
  • Gain real work experience
  • Receive nationally accredited qualifications
  • Paid travel expenses and meal allowances

The scheme:

This is a unique opportunity for 16 – 18 year olds to gain the skills, work experience and training they need to begin a career in the automotive industry. On this world-class voluntary Traineeship at the YES Skills Academy and at our record-breaking Sunderland Plant, we’ll support you to break the cycle of ‘can’t get a job without experience, can’t get experience without a job’.

In addition to invaluable production line work experience with Nissan, the NAC Group will provide quality training at the YES Skills Academy to achieve nationally recognised qualifications. Our Traineeship will combine theoretical and practical skills and offer a rare insight into interesting aspects of automotive manufacturing. During your Traineeship you’ll enjoy the support to contribute to your team in various areas of our production line.

How it works:

The schemes involves 11 weeks off-the-job interactive learning using simulated working environments at the YES Skills Academy and 8 weeks on-the-job work experience in the Nissan plant, where our Trainees have the chance to learn from our experts on the industry’s most innovative equipment.

On successful completion of all three elements of the Traineeship, depending on age, you will be considered for a job or an Apprenticeship with Nissan, NAC Group or another supply chain manufacturer subject to vacancies.

What you’ll achieve at the end of it:

  • Certificate in Preparation for Working in the Engineering Manufacturing Industry
  • Certificate of Vocational Competence from the NAC Group
  • Certificate to recognise your work experience from the NAC Group
  • Formal qualifications in English and Maths to NVQ Level 2 (GCSE equivalent)

What the benefits are:

  • 11 weeks off-the-job training at the YES Skills Academy
  • 8 weeks on-the-job training at Nissan
  • Valuable workplace experience for your CV
  • Guaranteed interview for Nissan after you’ve successfully completed your Traineeship

Who can apply for the Traineeship*:

  • Unemployed or working less than 16 hours per week
  • Not in education or training
  • Qualified below Level 3 (2 x A-level or 4 x AS level and or equivalent)

What next?


When applying, remember to provide as much information as possible about yourself, your qualifications (including your GCSE grades). If successful, we’ll send you an email about our selection process.