Nissan Global Ambassador, Gareth Bale: Tiger Woods is my sporting idol

  • Real Madrid C.F. winger and new Nissan Global Ambassador, Gareth Bale, reveals what excites him off the pitch

  • Bale also commented on his sporting idols– “(Tiger) Woods and (Dustin) Johnson…what they've achieved, it's just incredible.”


Rolle, Switzerland (Nov. 21, 2016) – With it all to play for as we approach match-day five of the UEFA Champions League Group Stage, Nissan Global Ambassador, Gareth Bale, tells us what he likes to do when he’s not competing on the pitch with Real Madrid C.F.

Speaking to Nissan, the official global automotive sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, the Welsh winger revealed what excites him off the pitch: “I just play golf as much as I can outside of football! I don't really have anything else!

“I suppose just being with my family and friends, enjoying spending time with them. Obviously it's a very hectic life playing football, travelling a lot, so being able to spend time with friends and family is definitely what I enjoy the most.”

Bale revealed where he likes to travel when he gets time away from his busy footballing schedule: “Anywhere, as long as there's a golf course! I just like going out there and enjoying the open air. Nobody really disturbs you too much, and you get to spend time with your friends and have a laugh. Just a great game all round.”

The football star also spoke about his sporting idols, with American golfer Tiger Woods’ achievements on the course impressing him: “Tiger Woods, and at the moment Dustin Johnson, are my sporting idols. I watch a lot of golf, as you can imagine, and I just enjoy watching them - how they've kind of grown through their careers and what they've achieved, it's just incredible.”

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