Global Nissan Ambassador, Gareth Bale: FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona and Juventus FC are looking strong

  • Real Madrid C.F. winger Gareth Bale, reveals the teams he thinks are looking strong in this year’s UEFA Champions League

  • The Welsh star also praises Spanish rivals Atlético Madrid as ‘well-drilled’ and ‘a very difficult team to beat’


  • Gareth Bale is Nissan’s Global Ambassador for the UEFA Champions League, alongside Manchester City F.C.’s Sergio Agüero


After helping Real Madrid C.F. secure their place in the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League, Welsh winger and Nissan Global Ambassador, Gareth Bale, reveals who he thinks will be tough competition in the next round of 16.

Gareth Bale told Nissan, the official global automotive sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, which teams he thinks are looking strong in the UEFA Champions League this season: “There’s a lot of great teams, the likes of FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Juventus FC have done really well in the last few years. I think there's a lot of great teams in there and that's why it's so difficult to win the title, but hopefully we can prove to be the best.”

The Real Madrid C.F. star was also asked his thoughts on Spanish rivals Atlético Madrid, having previously faced them in two UEFA Champions League Finals: They're a very difficult team to beat. They're very organized and very well-drilled defensively. We've obviously played against them in two (UEFA Champions League) Finals now and got through to win the trophy, just.

“But yeah, they've (Atlético Madrid) showed what a good team they are and how difficult they are to beat, but they're difficult along with a lot of other teams. So it'll be very difficult again (this season).”

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