Our gender pay report summarises the percentage difference between average earnings for men and women. Employers with over 250 employees must now publish their gender pay statistics and the data reported is as at 5th April 2017.

Nissan prides itself on providing a workplace that is diverse, inclusive and fair. We deliver award-winning school initiatives designed to encourage young people in general and women in particular to consider a career in Engineering or Manufacturing, such as our GIMME (Girls in Monozukuri, Manufacturing and Engineering) programme. We also have a range of Talent initiatives in place designed to support the development of female employees e.g. high potential development programmes, leadership & career coaching and participation in the WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) group.

This gender pay report for Nissan covers all 5 of our UK sites with a combined headcount of 8405 – Manufacturing in Sunderland, Research & Development in Cranfield, Parts Centre in Lutterworth, Design in London, Sales & Marketing in Rickmansworth.


Although a higher proportion of female employees are eligible to receive a bonus payment compared to their male counterparts, their average bonus payment is currently lower as a result of their distribution across the bonus eligible grades.

I can confirm that the information and data reported is accurate.

Mark Pennifold, HR Director, Nissan