Nissan Challenge at Beamish Wild

21st & 22nd April 2018

Have you got what it takes to crack the code and be the winning team?
Are you a whizz at challenges and showcasing your skills?
Are you studying a computer-related degree?

Have you answered yes to the above questions? Then we want you!!

We are hosting our annual Nissan Challenge at Beamish Wild on 21st and 22nd April, designed specifically for University students, who are studying a computer-related degree, so we can crown the winning University.

Last year it was Durham – this year it could be your University!

There will be a number of challenges for you and your team to face, including high ropes, code cracking, and a scavenger hunt!
Pass them and you could be crowned the winning University, and win a whole host of prizes, which include:


Trophy & £600 vouchers (£100 each). Each team member will also win a Nissan goody bag, CV clinic invitation & have applications fast-tracked in the Nissan Recruitment process.


£450 vouchers (£75 each). Each team member will also win a Nissan goody bag & a CV clinic invitation


£300 vouchers (£50 each). Each team member will win a certificate and Nissan goody bag


£150 vouchers (£25 each). Team members will each win a certificate & Nissan goody bag


£60 vouchers (£10 each). Team members will each win a Certificate & Nissan Goody Bag

Sound amazing? Well, what are you waiting for?
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sign yourself up using our application form below. Once you’ve signed yourself up, you will then be placed in a team by Nissan with other people from your University, so it’s a great chance to meet new people, and learn from other people’s skills!

Make sure you enter by 5th April 2018
You will then be contacted by the Team at Nissan if you have been successful.

Timetable - Beamish Wild

“The profile of Nissan has grown significantly in Computer Science at Durham University through their increased presence in the department through recruitment events, academic talks and the Nissan Challenge.  The Nissan Challenge in March 2017 was won by our students and this success was reported in all our publicity material to colleagues, current and future students, and also in the presentation of the Nissan plaque to the winning team in a lecture setting.  Importantly the presence of Nissan has highlighted to the Computer Science students that potential careers are not only with the large IT organisations but also in the manufacturing sector where their skills are highly valued”.– Dr Sarah Drummond, Durham University, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

“The Nissan Challenge at Beamish provided an excellent opportunity for students to develop their team-building skills and have fun outside the university environment and was greatly appreciated by our students. Since running the challenge we have built on our relationship with Nissan and collaborated on a number of assessment centres, job fairs, and technology showcase events. We look forward to working further with Nissan and placing more placement students and graduates with the company.”– Steve Riddle, Newcastle University

“The Nissan Beamish Challenge has provided an excellent opportunity for our students to develop leadership skills outside the normal University setting. It has made our Computing and IS students realise that Nissan is a very attractive potential employer in the digital sector, and we are looking forward to participating in the Nissan Beamish Challenge again in the 2017/18 academic year.”– Gerhard Fehringer, Northumbria University, Director of Placements and Employability (Engineering and Environment)

Application Form

A team of 6 students from each university will be invited to an activity weekend at Beamish Wild. Improve your problem-solving, team-working and leadership skills with an added competitive element! If you’re thinking of a graduate or placement role at Nissan this is an ideal opportunity for us to get to know you…


To apply for the Nissan Challenge at Beamish Wild, complete the form below.