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World Heart Day

Aiming to draw attention to heart illness and the range of associated health issues and to promote different preventative steps and changes in lifestyle to avoid any cardiovascular diseases.

International Week of the Deaf

It is celebrated each year to raise awareness and challenge perceptions of hearing loss and deafness across the globe.

International Equal Pay Day

This day represents the longstanding efforts towards the achievement of equal pay for work of equal value. It further builds on the United Nations' commitment to human rights and against all forms of discrimination, including discrimination against women and girls.

RU OK Day – Australia

A national day of action which aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to connect with someone they care about and help stop little problems turning into big ones.

International Day of Charity

Originally a Hungarian civil society initiative to commemorate Mother Teresa's death, International Day of Charity on September 5 took off worldwide in 2012 when the UN declared it an international holiday.

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