Are you wondering what it would be like to work in our Engineering department. Life at NMUK can be challenging on all levels but you will find it extremely rewarding. We encourage progression so we recognise your talent and provide you with opportunities to gain the career you work so hard to achieve. Our extensive training will also develop your skill set so you will be constantly learning and evolving.

Meet our employee Andy Brennan below, who started with us on our Graduate scheme and has now progressed all the way up to Engineering Manager. He explains his 19-year journey with NMUK and tells us what he has found to be the most life-changing experience.

How we will support you

Here at NMUK our HR department will provide you with ongoing support. They will be there to give you help and advice on any queries you may have prior to your start date. They are also here to be a point of contact after your employment commences.

You will have support from your specific department. You will have a departmental induction which will follow the standard NMUK induction. A Senior Engineer will be assigned to you as your mentor and will be another point of contact if you have any queries. Here at NMUK, we dedicate a specific amount of time to help you along your journey and succeed in your career with Nissan.