Do you want to work with one of the most innovative and forward thinking maintenance teams in the UK?  Our maintenance technicians don’t just fix broken machinery, they help improve the way we work and support our world-class facility.  We produce some 500,000 cars a year and this couldn’t be done without a highly skilled maintenance team keeping our plant running.  Our technicians work cross-functionally with engineering and production to support new model introduction, helping to ensure that everything goes smoothly when we launch a new car.  We are always looking for top-class maintenance technicians to strengthen our team here at NMUK.

We know it’s never easy applying for a new job, especially if you are changing company after a long career in one place. To help guide you through the recruitment process we have listed the main desired characteristics that we look for in our candidates. These characteristics form the basis of what makes a successful Maintenance Technician here at NMUK.

We have also included some tips on what we are specifically looking for in your application.  If you need to know more or have any other queries then our Recruitment Team are always here to support you throughout your application.

What We're Looking For
  • Proactivity

    We thrive from new ideas and concepts to help us evolve; therefore a proactive attitude is a key component here at NMUK. We believe there are always opportunities to improve so we need your practical and hands-on mind-set to help drive our continuous development.

  • Self-Learning

    We drive our employees to be the best they can through our training and development programmes. However, we also look for a keen culture of self-learning in our workforce; you must be willing to put in the time and effort to reach the potential we believe you are capable of.

  • Flexibility

    You will need to have a flexible and adaptive approach to your work. We strive to be efficient and meet customers’ expectations of quality and on-time delivery and this can influence our working patterns and responsibilities on a daily basis.

  • Adaptability

    It’s a varied role here at NMUK and the automotive industry can be a daunting due to its sheer variety and pace of work. You will need to be able to adapt to all sorts of situations and circumstances and get to grips with evolving working practices quickly.  If you are open-minded to your work and naturally seek clarification, training and support in fulfilling your role then you may have the right mindset for NMUK.

  • Focus

    The automotive industry is a fast-paced environment so you will need to be able to remain calm and focused under pressure.

  • Analytical

    Here at Nissan we believe an analytical approach is the key to resolving issues quickly. You will need to have this skill to make sure solutions are implemented quickly to stop repetitive problems.

CV & Application
Your CV

Here are also some Hints and Tips on what to include/ not include in your CV to us.

  1. Make sure to include your Personal Information (i.e. Name, Address, Phone Number, Email).
  2. Include your career history (starting with your most recent).
  3. Make sure to include appropriate detail so we can fully understand your history and experience.
  4. Include any courses and qualifications that are relevant to the role of a Maintenance Technician.
  5. Adding employment dates to your CV is a must.
  6. Use a clear format to make your CV easily readable.
  7. Try to make it fit onto 2 pages.
  8. Do NOT upload a blank CV as it will not be processed and your application will not be considered.

We hope this gives you a better insight into what we look for in our Maintenance Technician. We look forward to hearing from you and good luck!