Life at NMUK can be challenging on all levels but you will find it extremely rewarding. There are many opportunities for progression as we recognise your dedication and talent and turn it into your career. Our extensive training will also develop your skill set so you will be constantly learning and evolving.

Meet our employee Paul Brown below, who started with us as a trainee and has now progressed all the way up to Senior Supervisor. He explains his 26-year journey with NMUK and tells us what he has found to be most rewarding and life-changing in his experience.

How we will support you

At NMUK we are here to help you reach your full potential and offer both on-the-job training and the chance to gain additional qualifications. We pride ourselves on giving each individual the right amount of support in order to succeed. We will offer you an experienced mentor, from whom you can gain job knowledge and experience. We dedicate a specific amount of time to training and development so we can help you reach beyond your potential.