Anything is possible with the right attitude, focus and commitment; and many of our successful employees started their career as a Nissan apprentice.

As a Nissan apprentice, you benefit from gaining credible and relevant qualifications, as well as meaningful on-the-job training. With effort and commitment you could go on to have a valued and rewarding career with us.

You can read about the success stories of some of our past apprentices - you may even relate to them or aspire to take the same career path. So, believe you can succeed and let Nissan Apprenticeships be your starting point.

How we support you

We offer well-structured, on-the-job training to ensure you have the right amount of support so succeed beyond your potential. Our off-the-job training at a local college gives you credible qualifications, along with enhanced knowledge and confidence that you can use in your role. The regular performance reviews with the college and your supervisor allow us to monitor your development and help you achieve the career you dream of.