Even if you’re applying for a job that is similar to your current career, we know that every workplace is different, and enjoying a role is just as important as succeeding in it.  We have a number of different departments within our office environment, including Finance, Information Systems and Production Control.  We think the best way to get know somewhere is to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, so we have asked some of our current office-based NMUK employees to tell us, in their own words, how they find life at NMUK.

As an NMUK employee, we will expect hard work and dedication from you but, in return, you will receive a second-to-none level of support to help you develop your career and achieve your full potential.  All of the case studies you are about to see have come into NMUK at different levels and have progressed within their departments.

How we support you

We have a number of ways to support you throughout your career at NMUK.  When you first start with us, you will have a company- and department-specific induction.  We have a number of internal training courses available to all employees, as well as access to courses delivered by external providers.  In addition to the initial induction programme, we have a number of development courses to help employees progress to the next level.

As well as the more structured and formal training we offer, our knowledgeable teams will help you settle in on a daily basis.  We may work in a busy environment, but everyone is welcoming and always ready to help out a colleague.