Nissan Maple Cross is home to around 200 employees, who work across a range of exciting and varied roles - some office- and some field-based. Over the last five years we have experienced major growth in the number of cars sold here; in the 2015 Financial Year we sold 163,602 vehicles and in the 2016 Financial Year this increased to 176,770 – a staggering 7.5% increase. This growth and ambition makes the Nissan Maple Cross Sales and Marketing office an extremely fast-paced and exciting environment to work in.

We believe in cross-functional working and the sharing of ideas and best practice, as we all work towards a common goal, this means all of our offices are open-plan, interspersed with number of breakout spaces and meeting rooms.

How we support you

Here at Nissan, Maple Cross, we want you to progress and realise your full potential and we believe that by giving you access to the right level of both internal and external support and training you will truly shine.

During your first week with us you will be given a company and department-specific induction where you will learn more about how we operate and the internal and external training opportunities available to you. To help you navigate your journey with us further, you will also be offered the support of experienced mentor from a similar department.