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What to expect at application & interview


For engineering careers at Nissan the recruitment is relatively short and simple with three key stages; online application, telephone interview and on-site interview. The on-site interview will be with a panel of members of our Engineering team and you may be asked to deliver a short Powerpoint presentation in addition to a typical Q&A interview format. The key stages of the engineering application and interview process are listed below.  We hope you find this information useful and we look forward to receiving your application.

If you are already a Nissan employee and wish to apply internally click here. 


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Here at Nissan Sunderland we believe an analytical approach is the key to resolving issues quickly. You should be familiar with methods and tools to be able to analyse keys issues and get to the root of problems effectively.

Production operative jobs
Team Work

At Nissan Sunderland (NMUK) we believe that cross-functional teamwork is key to a successful workforce. Therefore, you will need to have good teamworking skills. You will need to have the ability to give assistance to your team to build relationships and support each other.

engineering career

You will need to have a flexible and adaptive approach to your work. We strive to be efficient and meet customers’ expectations of quality and on-time delivery and this can influence our working patterns and responsibilities on a daily basis.

engineering career

The automotive industry is a fast-paced environment so you will need to be able to remain calm and focused under pressure.


You will need to be organised and a planner. Whether it is your own workload or a project, excellent planning is required at all times in order to meet critical deadlines. During our shutdown periods, opportunities to implement changes are limited so it is crucial that your planning is done beforehand to ensure success.


You will need to possess excellent communication skills as here at NMUK –  we believe clear and concise communication is vital. Your engineering job will involve dealing with your team members, other departments, suppliers and contractors, so strong communication skills are a must.


Your CV

We have high volumes of candidates applying for our roles, and your CV is what can make you stand out from the pack. When reviewing CVs, it helps our recruitment team if they are able to quickly identify your key elements and how they are relevant to the role.  A short and to-the-point CV can help in achieving this.

Online Application

All applications start via our website, where you will need to submit your CV and cover letter via the Apply button on the relevant job page. All applications are via our job application software, Workday, so do not worry if you move to a different website when you click apply.  If you are an internal Nissan candidate, there is a different internal application process.

Application Review

Our recruitment team will review your CV and covering letter to assess your suitability for the position. If your application meets the job criteria we will then give you a call to invite you to attend an initial interview, which will either be via telephone or on-site, depending on the position. If your application is unsuccessful you will usually hear from us within two weeks of the application deadline, though this may be extended depending on number of applicants.


Interview stages are all dependent on the role to which you have applied but the below information is an overview of what to expect.

Telephone Interview
During the telephone interview we will walk through your career history and ask you relevant questions depending on your experiences. We will also ask you a set of competency-based questions, where you will be required to use specific examples and experience from your career to date. You will hear if you were successful at telephone interview stage within 1 week and we will arrange the on-site interview.
On-site Panel Interview
Your on-site interview will be with a panel made up of members of the recruitment and engineering teams. During the on-site interview you will answer a set of competency-based and technical questions that will be relevant to the department of the engineering job for which you are applying. At this stage you may be asked to deliver a 10-15 minute presentation on a relevant subject. We will ensure you are informed of this beforehand to give you time to prepare. If you are successful at interview we will contact you by telephone to discuss the next stage.
Final Interview and Medical
If you are successful at interview we will ask you to complete a full medical at our on-site assessment centre. The medical will take approximately 1 hour and will involve a basic health screening questionnaire and discussion with our occupational health nurse. You will not need to bring your running shoes! The medical will help us establish if we need to make any reasonable adjustments to help support existing medical conditions. You will also get a chance to meet the Engineering Senior Management Team and visit your new department. You will take a tour around the factory and see the machinery and equipment that you will be working with. Please note – at this stage, you will be required to bring proof of your right to live and work in the UK to your interview.
Job Offer
If you are successful at all stages then you will get a formal job offer from us – welcome to the team! At this point we will take you through your contract, finalise your start date and answer any final questions you may have.


Nissan Engineering careers offer the chance of working in an autonomous, fast-paced culture within teams of cross-functional experts.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a background in automotive engineering, as we look for transferable skills and experience and recognise that the right person could come from a different industry. We just need to see that you can work autonomously and have the right profile and attitude to help us deliver our world-class production. As a potential Nissan Sunderland Engineer, you need to show how you will work as part of our highly-skilled and experienced team to write specifications, commission and install machinery and work efficiently towards continuous improvement.

It can be daunting applying for a new job, especially if you are changing company after a long career in one place. To help guide you through the recruitment process for Nissan engineering careers, we have listed the main desired characteristics that we look for in our candidates. These characteristics form the basis of what makes a successful engineer here at Nissan Sunderland.

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