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life at nissan

Nissan Way sets out our company way of doing things, with the 5 values underpinning how we can work together to achieve success.

The 5 values of the Nissan Way align our goals, while helping us work innovatively, transparently and with respect for ourselves and others.

The five values…

Always think of the customer
A meaningful understanding of customer needs is core to every function and employee at Nissan. It’s important we spend time with colleagues considering what we would want or expect as a Nissan customer ourselves. By analysing data and insights we can better understand the value and impact our strategies and decisions will have for our customers, not just now but also in the future.
show facts, face reality
We are confident and capable in what we do and happy to discuss our work and our actions with colleagues. We have healthy conversations with management, supported by facts and we are not afraid to speak out if we feel unable to perform our role in an honest and effective manner. The more transparent we are about the reality of a situation, the better we are able to address any issues that may exist.
be accountable, act proactively
We take ownership of our actions and decisions, both as a professional individual and as a team. We empower ourselves to recognise what needs to be done instead of waiting for managers to tell us. We are confident and proactive in our approach to work and quick to support one another, celebrate our successes and pro-actively provide solutions to challenges.
think outside the box
At Nissan we are empowered to think creatively, as we value the ability to find new and better ways of working that can deliver positive results. Even ideas that seem small can deliver significant benefits. We do not wait for something to go wrong, but instead challenge ourselves to think pro-actively, in different and diverse ways, to find the most innovative solutions.
respect others, respect society
We always treat our customers, colleagues and partners with respect and in the manner we would like to be treated ourselves. We are diverse and inclusive in our workforce and in the way we approach business. Understanding and adhering to compliance principles ensures we raise issues that need to be addressed and respond to them in a fair and unbiased way. We are honest and act with integrity as a member of society.

“Inclusivity means listening, accepting and not judging.  

It’s the small, incremental changes that build up to the seismic shifts in how we work together.” 

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