Our gender pay report summarises the percentage difference between average earnings for men and women. Employers with over 250 employees must publish their gender pay statistics every year.


This gender pay report for Nissan cover all 5 of our UK sites with a combined headcount of more than 7,000 – Manufacturing in Sunderland, Research & Development in Cranfield, Parts Centre in Lutterworth, Design in London, Sales & Marketing in Rickmansworth. The total combined headcount of all these entities is 7342, which is spilt 92% male and 8% female.




The data shows that on average Women’s bonus pay is less than Men’s, and on average Women are paid less than Men. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic employers have been asked to exclude employees who were on furlough, on less than 100% of their pay, when reporting on hourly rate and quartiles. At Nissan 59% of employees are operational shop floor employees who are within the lower quartile of the employers’ payroll. Due to the pause in manufacturing of cars in April 2020 the majority of operational employees (the majority of whom are male) were furloughed which has the effect of increasing the average male salary on the 5th April 2021.


At Nissan we believe that diversity gives us strength and is key to the success of our business. That’s why we pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer and have a range of Talent initiatives in place, such as high potential development, leadership and career coaching to support our female workforce. Our award winning schools engagement program, the Nissan Skills Foundation, delivers a range of initiatives that encourage young people to take up a career in Engineering and Manufacturing. These initiatives include GIMME (Girls in Monozukuri, Manufacturing and Engineering), which is specifically geared towards women and GIRLPOWERED which is an engineering event for girls in primary school to encourage STEM.  Running for the last five years, we have already seen more than 1300 young people take part.


Nissan also held Women’s Celebration Month in March, in line with International Women’s Day and to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This included women’s mentoring sessions, a women’s day panel of senior female executives and health awareness campaigns.


I can confirm that the information and data reported is accurate.


Michael Jude, HR Director, Nissan