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Life in Nissan Sunderland Offices

Supporting over 6,000 employees, a global network of systems and a world-leading production plant

A myriad of different departments within our Nissan Sunderland offices collaborate seamlessly to enable the development and nurturing of our workforce, the security and safety of our premises and systems and the efficient running of our plant and processes.

Our Engineering and Maintenance departments also share our office space for some of the working day.

nissan sunderland offices


Talent Controller

“I have been able to carve out the career I wanted at Nissan, enjoying a wealth of new experiences, skills development, and opportunities to work with others. I’ve done things I would never have dreamed of. “

Jacqui has worked at Nissan for almost 20 years, working across various roles in HR. As someone who did not necessarily want to work for people, rather work with them, Jacqui has enjoyed focusing her talent with people on cross-functional projects and workstreams.

As well as international travel, she has been able to rotate and move laterally to learn about different areas of the business and develop new skills and knowledge – developing her career in a way that suits her goals and personality.


Our HR department is a thriving hub of specialist functions, incorporating Talent Acquisition & Management, Employee Relations, Planning & Recruitment, Engagement, Performance & Rewards, Payroll and Pensions & Contracts. With a large, open-plan office, teams can easily combine talents to bring about best results – developing, nurturing, engaging and enabling our workforce to be the best that they can be.


The Communications team are a small but mighty force within NMUK, handling all internal communications as well as events management, press liaison and stakeholder engagement. The tight-knit team include our own on-site videographer/photographer, as well as PR and communications specialists, delivering wide-ranging work from advising Directors on internal stakeholder comms to organising plant-wide corporate and employee events.

Learning & Development

Our Learning & Development team drives forward the development and progression of our workforce. A tour de force in recognising and nurturing the talent we have here at the plant, the L&D team are responsible for identifying learning needs, developing courses and engaging and enabling employees to take part, learn and progress.

Life in Finance

With a non-stop production plant and complex networks of global supply chains, it is integral to the efficient running of the plant that budgets, forecasts and day-to-day financial matters are accurate and timely. Few financial organisations can match the breadth of involvement and responsibility that you’ll find in the Nissan Finance department. Whether it’s reviewing existing budgets, supervising ledgers, setting new budgets for business plans, forecasting, assessing profitability or making costings for new models, the team have a hand in every area of our business


Health & Safety Engineer

After starting on placement in Site Services in 2016, Rebecca completed a graduate scheme in Occupational Hygiene before developing her role as an Engineer with Health & Safety.

With a real passion for the important work done within the department, Rebecca has been able to support and lead in a number of ground-breaking projects, including the global audit of 5-GMSR, tender reviews, COVID support, REACH activity, Biological Monitoring and LEV inspections. She has also been instrumental in setting up the Nissan Sunderland employee volunteering programme within the CSR pillar.  

Life in Health & Safety

The safety of our plant and workforce is paramount to our ongoing success. An integral part of all our operations here, the Health & Safety team are a robust and welcome presence throughout the site. From supporting employee wellbeing to helping build new production lines, they have the expertise and ability to keep our employees safe.

Life in Procurement

Procurement at Nissan isn’t about playing off one supplier against another to achieve the lowest price possible. We do things differently here. We place quality first, so we source suppliers who can achieve the performance standards we expect. Then, we work with them to continually reduce costs without compromising these high standards.

Life in ISD

The Information Systems Department (ISD) is a key area of the Nissan Sunderland business, where you will always find a variety of interesting projects and initiatives. New challenges and opportunities arrive thick and fast from a wide range of business areas, with teams involved in both daily and local projects on a daily basis to ensure continuity and ongoing improvement of systems. From fixing laptops to maintaining R&D systems, our department is at the forefront of breakthrough IS technologies and development techniques. We go beyond the factory, with specialisations in other areas too, such as regional Information/Operational Security, Helpdesk, Governance, IT Operations, Market & Sales, After Sales, Finance & Administration. Diversity is key, as most departments work cross-functionally with partners around the world.

Life in Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management team helps to define the flow of a world-leading Just-In-Time manufacturing operation; restructuring systems, processes and suppliers to help supply hundreds of thousands of cars a year to market. As part of our Supply Chain Management function, you will be part of the team that ensures successful plant operations through effective management of global supplies. You will operate in a highly-diverse, multi-dimensional division, covering logistics, inventory control, project management, and supplier relationship management.

nissan sunderland offices
Just starting?

Onboarding at Nissan

Starting at Nissan an exciting challenge, full of possibilities, and there will be a lot to take in at first. Here is where you’ll find all the information you need to get started, understand your new company, our culture and where to go when you need support or have a query. It’s great to have you on board and we hope you enjoy your journey with us.

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