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At Nissan, you are never defined by what you do, only by where you want to go

With thousands of roles across a multitude of departments and functions, Nissan UK is brimming with the opportunity to progress. Diversity is one of our workforce super powers and we thrive on helping employees to experience as much of Nissan as possible through learning and development opportunities. Career pathways are wide and varied, with cross-functionality, lateral and upwards progression and the support and learning tools you need to get there.

Nissan Learning


Trim & Chassis Manufacturing Staff

“Nissan is a job for life. It has already been in the North East for more than 30 years and the future looks full of opportunity, with investment in programmes such as EV36zero and electrified vehicles.”

A local lad, Chris knew Nissan had a reputation as the place to be for a secure career and when he left school an apprenticeship seemed like a solid choice. He quickly realised the opportunities available for progression and development and asked his supervisor for support to reach his goals. He’s now completed several courses, including a leadership AIMS course that saw him completing off-site team building activities alongside senior management and company directors. His next step is to make it as a Team Leader but that certainly won’t be the end of his Nissan journey – Chris sees this as a career for life.

Nissan Learning Opportunities

We create a culture where people want to do well and get on because they are rewarded and supported in doing this. More rounded employees with enhanced skills and knowledge means that we can depend on our internal talent to fulfil roles here at Nissan. 

It is our job to create the chances for employees to learn all aspects of the business both within their daily project work, but also by offering formal learning and training courses.  All employees are encouraged to ask for additional training and learning and we will support wherever possible.

“Trust yourself and trust the business and you’ll get to where you want to go.”

Steven Laidlow – Senior Controller

Types of Learning

Classroom Courses

Our classroom training is all done on-site by qualified trainers, covering areas such as:

Behavioural courses:

including appraisal skills, presentation skills, line manager courses, resilience and wellbeing, communications courses, coaching and leadership courses, team building and grievance & discipline skills.

Process Training:

including Kaizen School, Try-Z, TQM and standard ops training.

Technical Training:

 including robot programming, PLC/HMI programming, pneumatics, and hydraulics.

Online Learning

Our Learning at Alliance platform is linked to our employee IT systems, meaning it is accessible anywhere with a works computer.  Course availability is tailored to the functions and roles within the business, with some available from the very first day on the job.  With over 30,000 pieces of learning content there is a wealth of education available on the platform, from book excerpts and podcasts, to knowledge article and videos, plus the opportunity to build a training profile and book training courses.


Our PushFar mentoring app allows our employees to tap into mentors tailored to their particular goals and circumstances.  Individuals can also make themselves available as a mentor to others.   We are currently piloting this technology and it is already proving highly successful.


Our WAZUKU app, though strictly speaking not a learning app, is open to all.  Employees are able to share ideas for making cost or efficiency improvements within the business. No matter how small, all ideas are considered – and those taken forward are rewarded, giving an opportunity for the whole business to learn and continually improve.

Nominated Programmes

At Nissan you can also be identified as having potential to take part in a range of nominated courses. You own your career path, and opportunities for development are always available to those who work hard and seek to progress.

Non-Standard Training

We also offer non-standard with external providers. If an employee has a certain need for training that can not be fulfilled on-site, then we will always consider and investigate alternative training for them.   

On-The-Job Learning

Finally, our on-the-job learning can be found everywhere at Nissan. From project work to simple, daily skills enhancement, our ethos of continuous improvement stretches to our employees also.

Nissan Learning Facilities

We have numerous learning facilities across our sites, including our dedicated Learning Hub at Nissan Sunderland and our access to the on-site £3m SASMI (The Skills Academy for Sustainable Manufacturing and Innovation) training centre.

We also have Basic Skills Areas and safety training dojos set up across our production plant zones, where employees can learn in real situations how to apply their new skills and knowledge.

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