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What to expect at application & interview - Nissan Maple Cross

The first step in your recruitment process will be an online application through our website

After this, if you are successful, you will move through the interview and selection process, which will vary depending on the role for which you have applied.

At each stage of the process we will review your application and, if you are identified as a suitable candidate, then you will progress to the next stage.

Below, we have highlighted the key stages below that may be involved in your application process to help you prepare. Your Nissan Maple Cross HR contact will keep you up-to-date about the stages required for your specific application. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard from us straight away, we receive a high number of candidates for our role and we ensure to take the time to thoroughly review each one. You will hear from us either by phone or email.  Some of our emails are automated so please don’t forget to check your junk mail in case we have ended up there!

If you are already a Nissan employee and wish to apply internally click here.

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engineering career

A flexible approach is essential in all roles as our work challenges and demands can change on a daily basis. You need to be able to pick up a new task and be open to learning new skills. Depending on the role, this may include a flexible approach to working hours at key times e.g. end of month in Finance.

Ability to Prioritise

Our roles can be demanding and you could have requests for support from all levels and departments, so you need to be able to identify and prioritise the most important and urgent tasks. This may include managing other parties’ expectations when tasks are reprioritised.


No matter what area of the offices you work in, the information you provide will ultimately support and impact upon our production so it needs to be correct. You will need to have an eye for detail and an understanding of the subject to be able to identify inaccuracies

engineering career

You will need to be able to use your initiative to make decisions and improvements to help drive the business forward. You will need to have a proactive approach to getting tasks completed as here at Nissan we are thriving to improve on a daily basis.


You will need to be able to work independently and manage your own tasks and objectives without being micro-managed. Maple Cross is a very fast-paced environment so you will need to have or develop the confidence to make decisions on your own.

nissan apprenticeship scheme
maintenance recruitment

Application Stage

Once you have selected a vacancy that you are interested in, you will first need to apply online.  As part of this application, you will be asked to provide information on your education and career history. You will also be required to submit a current CV for review.  It is important that you provide us with relevant and up-to-date information. Please see our ‘Hints and Tips’ page for help with your application format.

Please note – You must be in a position to prove your right to live and work in the UK. You will be asked to bring evidence of this if invited to Final interview.

Online Testing

For a small number of roles we may ask you to complete an online test.  If we are using the tests for the vacancy you have applied for, you will receive an email informing you what you need to do and any deadline involved with it. These could be hypothetical scenario tests or numeracy and literacy tests. They normally take no more than an hour to complete.


Telephone Interview
Depending on the role and your location, we may ask you to take part in a telephone interview. The telephone interview is with a member of the recruitment team and a representative of the recruiting department. This will enable us to investigate your career history further and understand better your suitability for the role. We may also ask you some role specific questions. Telephone interviews usually last 30-60minutes, depending on the position.
Onsite Interview
Our interviews are with a panel consisting of a member of our recruitment team and 1 or 2 representatives of the recruiting department. Our interviews are primarily competency based, but will also include some job specific questions to better understand your technical knowledge. We are always looking for specific examples of tasks that you have completed. The interview will usually last 1-2 hours, depending upon the role.
For some roles we may ask you to prepare and deliver a presentation as part of the interview. If you are asked to do this, you will be provided with the topic in advance to give you time to prepare. You will normally be given up to 1 week’s notice of the topic and may be asked to submit it by email prior to attending the interview. The presentation itself will normally be 10 minutes and will be followed by questions relating to it. It’s easy to get nervous at this stage but don’t be, we are here to help you do well and show yourself to the best of your abilities.
Second Interview
When we have a large number of potentially suitable candidates, we may invite you to a second interview. This is usually in a similar format to the first but may have different or additional panel members to help make an informed decision. Congratulations if you have reached this stage as competition is fierce.
Final Interview, Job Offer & Medical
If you are successful at interview we will ask you to complete a full medical at our on-site assessment centre. The medical will take approximately 1 hour and will involve a basic health screening questionnaire and discussion with our occupational health nurse. You will not need to bring your running shoes! The medical will help us establish if we need to make any reasonable adjustments to help support existing medical conditions. Subject to the medical assessment, you will get a formal job offer from us – welcome to the team! At this point we will take you through your contract, finalise your start date and answer any final questions you may have. Please note – at this stage, you will be required to bring proof of your right to live and work in the UK to your interview.

Hints and tips for applying to Nissan Maple Cross

We review a high volume of applications and it really does make a difference to have a simplistic, to-the-point and easy-to-read CV. We understand the temptation to embellish your CV appearance or include information from lots of different areas; however, these are not always the most user-friendly CVs to read through.

Most important is to have a CV in which it is easy to quickly identify key elements and how they are relevant to the role – a short and to-the-point CV can help in achieving this. And, it goes without saying, make sure it is checked for spelling and grammar.

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