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What to expect at application & interview


As a manufacturing candidate, your recruitment process will consist of the following process; online application, agility test, line trial and, finally, interview. Upon successful completion of these stages, you will then complete a medical before receiving your production operative job offer. The process is comprehensive, covering all elements of your skills and ability, as we are looking for top-quality candidates that can bring something extra to Nissan Sunderland and really make things happen.

Our recruitment process for production operative jobs allows us to test your ability at various levels in different environments and really pick the best of the best. Due to the sheer volume of applications, and the care we take in reviewing each one, it can take an extended period of time to reach the end of the process. Please bear with us during this time though, we most definitely want to hear from you and will keep you updated throughout.

We have broken down the key stages of the recruitment process for manufacturing staff to help you better prepare for what is involved at each point.

If you are already a Nissan employee and wish to apply internally click here.

Production operative jobs


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In a production operative role you will need the ability to work paid overtime at short notice and potentially weekends also be prepared to move to different departments when required. You must be able to pick up new jobs and skills when required.

Production operative jobs

Being able to adapt to a new environment and getting to grips with the role quickly is essential. You will need to be able to adapt to changing processes and procedures on a regular basis as well as being open to new training methods.

Dealing with Pressure

You will need to be able to cope in a high-pressure environment that is targeted at meeting the quota daily as a plant. You will need to work to tight deadlines and be able to follow specific instructions and it is also important to be able to respond to breakdowns by using your time effectively.


You will need to start your shift on time and be able to complete your shift to the best of your ability. Sometimes you will need to be able stay back for paid overtime at short notice.

Quality Focused

You will need to take pride in quality and ensuring your work meets specific standards. You will follow quality processes to ensure effective benchmarking.

Production operative jobs
Team Player

You will be placed in a team of around 20-30 fellow manufacturing employees. You will work together with your team to achieve objectives set by the business. You will need to have team ethic to help each other out when necessary.

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Application Stage

Online Application

First you will need to submit an online application via our website.  Please submit a CV that displays your career history, starting with your most recent employment. If you can also provide any educational qualifications and additional courses, then please do so as this will be of benefit to your application. The most important thing is that your CV is clear and contains the key information that you want to get across in support of your application.

Please note – You must be in a position to prove your right to live and work in the UK. You will be asked to bring evidence of this if invited to final interview.

Try not to overthink when constructing your CV, keep it simple and make sure it is relevant to the opportunity that you are applying for. Your CV isn’t ‘one size fits all’ so try to make sure you tailor it to the position you are applying for.  This will help to make you stand out from the crowd.


Agility Test
This stage will include working on a range of different activities to test your agility, manual dexterity and your ability to follow instructions. When you arrive for your agility test, you will be taken down to a booth and asked to complete 5 different activities, including harness connections, grommet fitting and the use of battery tooling. We want to see candidates that can understand instructions while maintaining quality at all times.
Line Trial & Interview
Shadowed by a Supervisor, you will work on the fast-paced production line, where you will be assessed on your ability to follow instructions and accuracy while completing specific tasks. Important skills for life on the line include your agility; ability to work as part of a team; and your enthusiasm for the role. The line trial will last up to 4 hours and you will be notified by email to book your date and time. The interview stage will be an opportunity for us to get to know a little more about you. The questions will comprise of competency-based questions, where you will be required to provide specific examples based on your experience. The interview will last approximately 30 minutes. You will be notified by email to book your date and time.
Job Offer and Medical
Congratulations you’ve got the job! This means you have met all of our requirements and we’re impressed with what you’ve shown us. You will receive a conditional job offer subject to providing evidence of qualifications, your right to work in the UK and passing a medical. Initially, this will be made over the phone and you will be given details to invite you to the 1 ½ hour medical. A medical is mandatory for all new starters as we operate at a production site. When you arrive in for your medical, after passing, you will then be presented with your contract, which you can read through and sign while on site. Now relax and enjoy your time off before your adventure at NMUK begins. Please note – at this stage, you will be required to bring proof of your right to live and work in the UK.
Due to our extensive recruitment process and the high volume of candidates we receive we do ask for your patience. We will be in contact throughout the process to keep you updated on your progress. So, don’t worry, you will always hear from us as to how you are doing.

Hints & Tips for applying to Production

The best applications are those that are simple, relevant and honest. We need a chance to get to know you before we can be sure that you will be a good fit within NMUK.  The recruitment process for our production operative jobs is especially designed to allow us to find out more about you and, of course, for you to find out more about us; it’s important that you are happy in your chosen career.

The best advice that we can give for a good application vacancies is to prepare wherever you can and do your research. Once you have applied, keep an eye on your emails, texts and your phone calls, even from a withheld number – this could be us calling! It is a good idea to have a voicemail set up in case you do miss any calls we can leave a message and make sure you check your voicemails regularly.  We don’t mind if you want to call our team for an update on your progress but, if you don’t hear from us straight away after a particular stage try not to worry, as we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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