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Life as a Process Planning Engineer

Process Planning Engineers sit at the centre of all we do

Join a team where others will look to you for solutions, where you will take the vision of the design team and turn it into a reality for production. Working to Cost, Quality, Time, and Delivery KPIs, you will deliver the tools we need to enable the manufacturing process of our world-leading car models. 

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Senior Engineer

“It’s incredible to think that six years ago I first saw the Qashqai on a computer screen; now I see them drive past me every day. I can see the parts I influenced and that gives me an enormous sense of pride.”

After completing Nissan placement and graduate schemes, Tom had the opportunity to spend two years in Japan working with teams designing the all-new Nissan Qashqai. He now leads the team he worked with, responsible for a multi-million pound investment to design the next generation of Nissan all-electric vehicles. It’s a big responsibility but one that brings an immense sense of pride and job satisfaction.

A Team of Natural Innovators

Our Process Planning Engineers are natural innovators with curious minds, looking to improve processes and efficiencies with an analytical and problem-solving mindset. They work daily on a wide range of process-related projects from technical quality concerns to new product launches.

Support from the Digital HyperComp Team

The introduction of our dedicated Digital Hyper-Competitiveness programme is taking the latest in world technological developments in hardware, automation, AI, R&D, wearable tech, and AR/VR to improve our efficiency and competitive position on a global scale. As a Nissan Process Planning Engineer you are involved in finding a place for these technologies in our daily manufacturing processes. The future of Nissan is huge and embracing the very latest in tech is a focused part of our strategy to stay at the forefront of automotive innovation.

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Just starting?

Onboarding at Nissan

Starting at Nissan an exciting challenge, full of possibilities, and there will be a lot to take in at first. Here is where you’ll find all the information you need to get started, understand your new company, our culture and where to go when you need support or have a query. It’s great to have you on board and we hope you enjoy your journey with us.

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