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Life as a Body Shop Maintenance Technician

A challenging shop where camaraderie is king

The Body Shop is the place to be for Maintenance Technicians who relish both the challenges and lifelong friendships that comes from working in a busy collaborative environment. Teams in this area work with the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment in the world including AGVs, laser measurement robots, traffic and vision systems. It’s ideal for people who enjoy variety in a challenging and rewarding atmosphere.


Body Shop Maintenance Technician

“Every day as a Maintenance Technician in Body Shop is different. I love the challenge that comes with that - it is so rewarding seeing the results of a project you’ve worked on.”

Like many of our Maintenance Technicians, Nissan has become a long-term career for Richie. Since starting his Nissan journey in 2006, he has completed an apprenticeship and now works with some of the most modern equipment in the world. He relishes the challenge of working on something new – and the excitement that comes with getting to grips with new technology. Nissan is more than just a job for Richie. He loves the camaraderie between his teams and has made lifelong friends with people from all over the North East.

Like every shop at our UK manufacturing hub, Body Shop Maintenance Technicians have plenty of opportunities to work with the equipment and areas they feel most at home, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to fulfil our ethos of continuous improvement.


Body Shop Maintenance Technician

“At Nissan I get the chance to work with the latest software and technology on a daily basis. It’s very motivating to be part of a company constantly looking to the future.”

Sam prefers working with computers and software – and he’s able to do just that as a Nissan Maintenance Technician. He collaborates closely with the Engineering team on new equipment including robots and PLC software and enjoys the opportunities he gets to learn about new technology unique to Nissan.

Automation at its Core

With both automated and manual assembly facilities, the Body Shop is the place to be if you have a passion for smart manufacturing systems. As an electrical technician you’ll have the chance to maintain and improve equipment and software behind systems like our ultra-modern FANUC robots, numerically controlled tooling, and safety PLC.

Diverse Teams

The camaraderie between the teams is second-to-none. You get to work with every walk of life in Body Shop, both here in the UK and across the globe. Experts in machinery, equipment, automation and processes from engineering, suppliers, manufacturing, and design all come together to make our plant one of the best in the world.

Our Process in Body Shop

Assembly of the car body shell begins
Sides are assembled, while the platform is put together including the engine compartment, front floor and rear floor
Platform and sides are married together and framed for accuracy, and the roof is fitted
The body shell is fitted with doors, bonnet and boot lid
The body departs the shop destined for Paint via an overhead conveyor system
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Key facts

Manual and automated assembly facilities

Cars are assembled using welding, riveting and adhesive

More than 4,300 cars produced a week across two lines

Line 1 – Qashqai Ice/e-Power & LEAF

Line 2 – Qashqai Ice, Juke Ice & HEV

Key skills in Body Shop

  • PLC control (Omron) 
  • Robotics (FANUC)
  • Inverter drives & control (SEW)
  • Conveyor drives (mechanical)
  • Safety systems (PILZ & SICK)
  • Fluid power system
  • Electrical technician

Our facilities in Body Shop

  • Robots (FANUC)
  • Transfer systems (rack and pinion)
  • Numerically controlled tooling
  • PLC control (Omron)
  • Safety PLC (Omron)
  • Pallet transfer systems
  • Spot welding
  • Mig welding
  • Self-piercing riveting
  • Body handling lifters
Just starting?

Onboarding at Nissan

Starting at Nissan an exciting challenge, full of possibilities, and there will be a lot to take in at first. Here is where you’ll find all the information you need to get started, understand your new company, our culture and where to go when you need support or have a query. It’s great to have you on board and we hope you enjoy your journey with us.

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