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Life as a Paint Shop Maintenance Technician

Add some colour to your career as a Paint Shop Maintenance Technician

With two production lines and our bumper paint zone, the busy Paint Shop is where vehicle body shells are pre-treated before being painted in topcoat booths and put through ovens to stove. Like every shop at Nissan, this area requires a highly specialised team of Maintenance Technicians to ensure it operates to the highest possible capacity.


STAND-iN Senior Supervisor

“Nissan supported me all the way from apprentice to senior management. They recognised my potential and ensured that I had the right talent development and training to help me move through my career path.”

Daniel joined Nissan in Production at just 18, working hard on the line before he moved into Maintenance. Over his 16-year career at Nissan he’s had the training and development to work his way up to his current position as a Stand-In Senior. That’s all down to Nissan’s talent recognition and the on and off-site training available – including international training opportunities.

Work with a Variety of Equipment

Maintenance Technicians working in paint shop are responsible for a wide variety of equipment used to pre-treat, paint and cure. This includes apparatus you won’t find anywhere else in the plant, like ovens, topcoat booths and our limestone distribution and abatement facilities for environmental compliance. 

Teams working in this area need skills in PLC control, spray technology, inverter drives and control, mechanical conveyor systems and vertical pumps.

Our Process in Paint Shop

The vehicle body shell is received from Body Shop
Car is transitioned to either Line 1 or Line 2
Body shells go through a pre-treatment process to prepare bare metal for paint
Bodies are painted in topcoat booths then put through an oven to stove
The painted body shell undergoes final quality checks before leaving the Paint Shop ready for the next step in the process – Trim & Chassis
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Key facts

Two production lines plus bumper paint

Line 1 – Qashqai Ice/e-Power & LEAF

The paint process is split into two stages – pre-treatment and topcoat

Line 2 – Qashqai Ice, Juke Ice & HEV

Key skills in Paint Shop Maintenance

  • PLC control (Mitsubishi & Omron) 
  • Robotics (FANUC & Dürr)
  • Spray technology (SAMES)
  • Inverter drives & control (SEW)
  • Conveyor drives (mechanical)
  • Safety systems (PILZ & SICK)
  • Vertical pumps

Our facilities in Paint Shop

  • Chain conveyor systems
  • Body handling lifters
  • Ovens
  • Pre-treatment process
  • Topcoat booths 
  • Roller-bed transport system
  • Limestone distribution & abatement plan for environmental compliance
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