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Life as a Press Shop Maintenance Technician

Life in Battery Assembly Maintenance

An area of Press Shop, in Battery Assembly we build the hybrid and e-Power battery packs used for the Juke & Qashqai – producing one fully assembled pack every two minutes. It’s a highly flexible process that’s changing all the time as new technology becomes available, and we’re increasing our capacity with an additional £1.3million investment.

battery assembly

Our Process in Battery Assembly Maintenance

Module inspection & voltage balancing – fully automated process
Battery condition is confirmed before being assembled into the battery pack

Battery individual cell voltages are measured and equalised as required
General assembly
Kitted out trolley is transported to the assembly zone by an automated guided vehicle (AGV)

The battery pack is fully assembled by a single operator in the zone

The operator is assisted by an operator guidance system to ensure correct assembly and quality assurance
Battery pack inspection & charging – fully automated process
Compiled battery packs are automatically transported to the zone

The battery pack safety and operation performance is inspected and confirmed

Key facts

Hybrid & e-Power battery packs assembled for Juke and Qashqai

Key part of environmental improvement programmes

One fully assembled battery pack completed every two minutes

Increased volume up activity in progress (additional £1.3million on top of original investment)

Key skills in Battery Assembly Maintenance

  • PLC control (Siemens, TIA & PROFINET)
  • Robotics (FANUC)
  • Automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Operator guidance systems (Bosch)
  • High capacity tooling (HGT) (Bosch)
  • Wireless control & safety 
  • Vision systems (Coginex & Quiss)

Our facilities in Battery Assembly Maintenance

  • FANUC robot thermal paste application and module insert
  • Module inspection & voltage balancing
  • 12 x general assembly stations
  • 2 x leak check facilities
  • 5 x automatic final inspection & charge facilities 
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