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Life as a Trim & Chassis Maintenance Technician

Work in the shop where our cars come to life

The Trim & Chassis is a particularly special shop because it’s here that the painted body becomes a car.

Made up of two lines, Trim & Chassis produces more than 4,300 vehicles a week – more than 100 jobs an hour. It’s a department like no other, and one where people who enjoy a fast-paced environment thrive. From designing solutions, to tooling paths, measuring and machinery – the chance to be involved in it all is right here in Trim & Chassis.

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Alive with Technology

Maintenance Technicians in Trim & Chassis need skills in PLC control such as Siemens, TIA/S7 and Omron, as well as robotics, inverter drives, mechanical conveyor drives, PILZ and SICK safety systems, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and fluid transfer systems.

Training & Support Always There

Robust layers of training, mentoring and team working ensure you are always supported in your role and career development.  Dedicated training cells allow essential familiarisation and testing before working on live equipment and off-site and international training with suppliers and contractors means our Maintenance Technicians are always able to perform safely and efficiently. 

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Our Process in Trim & Chassis

Painted body shell is received from Paint Shop
The car is transitioned to either Line 1 or Line 2 for further production
Glass, facia, battery and tailgate are fitted to the car on the trim line
Engine, axle, battery, wheels and seats are fitted to the car on the chassis line
Once built, the vehicle undergoes final quality checks and testing
The completed vehicle departs the factory, destined for its customer
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Key facts

Two production shops with two lines in each

117 jobs per hour across all lines, producing 4,368 cars per week + LEAF

Line 1 – Qashqai Ice & e-Power and LEAF

Line 2 – Qashqai Ice, Juke Ice and HEV

Key skills in Trim & Chassis

  • PLC control (Siemens, TIA/S7 & Omron)
  • Robotics (FANUC)
  • Inverter drives & control (SEW)
  • Conveyor drives (mechanical)
  • Safety systems (PILZ & SICK) 
  • Fluid transfer system

Facilities in Trim & Chassis

  • Chain conveyor systems (overhead & floor)
  • Body handling lifters
  • Car part manipulators
  • Fluid fill systems
  • Engine, axle & battery fitment
  • Monorail transport
  • Final line test equipment
  • Wheel & tyre assembly


Trim & Chassis Maintenance Stand-In Supervisor

“The days fly by here at Nissan Sunderland. I love the high energy, fast-paced environment, you walk into something different every day.”

Dan thrives on the fast pace in Trim & Chassis, the department where our cars are put together and an environment that’s unlike any other at Nissan. The Plant relies on Dan’s team – if something stops here then production grinds to a halt. He loves this high level of responsibility and the excitement that comes with it. It’s ideal for someone like Dan who excels under pressure.

Just starting?

Onboarding at Nissan

Starting at Nissan an exciting challenge, full of possibilities, and there will be a lot to take in at first. Here is where you’ll find all the information you need to get started, understand your new company, our culture and where to go when you need support or have a query. It’s great to have you on board and we hope you enjoy your journey with us.

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