Applying for a new job can be challenging.  Without knowing the company or who will be reviewing your application it can be hard to tailor your application to your audience.  We recognise this and have put together some key pointers on how to give yourself the best chance in your application to Nissan Maple Cross, including key characteristics we are looking for within your submission.

The variety of positions in our roles is extraordinary; whether you already have an established career and are looking for your next step, or are looking for a completely new challenge, we want to hear from you.  Our key advice is to always be true to yourself throughout your application; it is as much about us being a match for you as you being a match for us.

What We're Looking For
  • Flexible

    A flexible approach is essential in all roles as our work challenges and demands can change on a daily basis.  You need to be able to pick up a new task and be open to learning new skills.  Depending on the role, this may include a flexible approach to working hours at key times e.g. end of month in Finance.

  • Ability to Prioritise

    Our roles can be demanding and you could have requests for support from all levels and departments, so you need to be able to identify and prioritise the most important and urgent tasks.  This may include managing other parties’ expectations when tasks are reprioritised.

  • Accurate

    No matter what area of the offices you work in, the information you provide will ultimately support and impact upon our production so it needs to be correct.  You will need to have an eye for detail and an understanding of the subject to be able to identify inaccuracies.

  • Proactive

    You will need to be able to use your initiative to make decisions and improvements to help drive the business forward. You will need to have a proactive approach to getting tasks completed as here at Nissan we are thriving to improve on a daily basis.

  • Autonomous

    You will need to be able to work independently and manage your own tasks and objectives without being micro-managed. Maple Cross is a very fast-paced environment so you will need to have or develop the confidence to make decisions on your own.

CV & Application
Your CV

Even the most seasoned professionals can make mistakes with their CV, especially if it has been a while since applying for a role.  We review a high volume of applications and it really does make a difference to have a simplistic, to-the-point and easy-to-read CV.  We understand the temptation to embellish your CV appearance or include information from lots of different areas; however, these are not always the most user-friendly CVs to read through.

Most important is to have a CV in which it is easy to quickly identify key elements and how they are relevant to the role – a short and to-the-point CV can help in achieving this.  And, it goes without saying, make sure it is checked for spelling and grammar.